XvT Technologies

Welcome to one of the craft development sites for Totally Games line of X-Wing simulations.  All of these craft are made possible with the help of Lt. Hag's Oputils program and Stealth's ACE program.  You will find things here that you will find nowhere else, so take your time!

Current News

1.  OPTech v1.1 available under XWA Utilities and XvT Utilities.

2.  OPT2PRJ v1.3 available under XWA Utilities.

3.  OPT Module v1.0 for Visual Basic available under XWA Utilities.

4.  OPT Enhancer v1.8 available under XWA Utilities.

5.  Updated TIEs available under XWA Fighters.

*Note* Star Wars is copyrighted by Lucas Film. The craft pictures are my own rendering of space vehicles. Needless to say, I am not in any way associated with these fine companies.

E-mail Derek for any questions or comments!